Zeev Schwartz Member of the Board of Governors

Zeev was born in Johannesburg in 1967.  The first time he kept Shabbat was at the age of 11 at a Bnei Akiva summer camp.  After having become inspired with Judaism and Zionism, Zeev made aliyah at the age of 17 as he participated in a year long Bnei Akiva program in Israel.  Afterwards he studied in the Machal Hesder program at Yeshivat Har Etzion and served in the Givati infantry brigade.
Zeev has a  BA in Jewish History and Political Science and an MA in Public Administration from Bar Ilan University. Zeev founded Torah Mitzion  in 1995 and served as executive director for 10 years.  He also served as Head of World Bnei Akiva and founded Lev Yehudi – an organization providing  Jewish centers for Israeli backpackers in India. Zeev returned to the position of Executive Director of Torah MiTzion in June 2012. Zeev and his wife  Shulamit and five children live in Shoham in central Israel.

He served as an Associate  member since October 2017 and from July 2019 he serves as a Board Member.