Zohar Bloom Committee Member

Acting Deputy Mayor of Rehovot, holds the education portfolio. Led the education revolution in the city of Rehovot, in which the municipal education budget was doubled, hundreds of new and advanced educational institutions were built, frameworks were established for the gifted and students with special needs and there was an impressive increase in the percentage of those eligible for matriculation.

Amongst others, he served as Chairman of a city without street violence in Rehovot; Chairman of the Municipal Authority for the War on Drugs Rehovot; Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "Experiences" community center network; Chairman of "Youth at the Center of Matters"; Chairman of the 360 program for children and youth at risk on the streets of Kiryat Ekron; Chairman of the New Road Program for the Ethiopian Community; World Vice President of the Socialist Parties; Member of the General Assembly of JNF.