Economic data - updated to November 2016

The following economic data is taken from a number of information sources.

The minimum hourly wage for an adult in Israel is NIS 25.94

The minimum, full-time monthly wage for an adult in Israel is NIS 4,825

The average monthly wage is NIS 9,904

The unemployment rate as of November 2016 is 4.9%

During October 2016 94,000 jobs were publicised including:

Technology professionals, engineers and scientists, Marketing and sales in financial fields, Mobile / App professionals, Big data managers, data analysts, Engineers (computer, electric, industrial, machine), building professionals, kitchen staff, cleaners, computer technicians, clerical workeers, security guards, sales people, waiters, caregivers and more 

There has been a 10% rise in demand for staff in the business sector in the past year.

In November 2016 3,755,600 people in Israelis were employed (more than 350,000 more than at this time last year).

Information sources:

Central Bureau of Statistics figures