Art and Cultural Exchange Program

Cultural Exchange programs are another way to join members of the communities around a particular point of interest and to widen the circle of participants with the Federations and the partnership's vision of connecting people within our communities. The exhibition was created within an artistic, Jewish American intercultural space. The diverse environments in which the artists grew—their language, symbols, customs and other cultural attributes—influence their outlooks and their interpretations, which are expressed in their artistic works. In preparing their works for the exhibition, the artists were asked to engage in an ongoing artistic dialogue with their overseas counterparts—to create works that express the connection between them as well as their link with Jewish sources. The artists met in virtual online meetings, enabling them to get to know one another and mutually expose their works. It is one of many Partnership projects aimed at building meaningful relationships, encouraging personal encounters, and creating joint projects for strengthening Jewish pluralism and solidarity with Israel and the Jewish world.