Educators Exchange

The Hadera Eiron Partnership together with our ten Southeast Communities continue to find various ways to fulfill the Partnership's vision of connecting people to people. We strongly believe that providing opportunities for face to face meetings will help build a broader base for sharing knowledge and will provide a means for American and Israeli colleagues to expand their professional experience and to connect to other educators both personally and professionally. Over the years, numerous schools, classes and educators have been involved in cooperative relationships through our Partnership Education Program. The Educators Exchange program has been running for the last 17 years one year in Israel, the following year in the U.S. This is an ongoing reciprocal program that is strengthening and creating an educational living bridge. This living bridge enables educators to deepen their acquaintance and enriches the ways of teaching for both Israelis and Americans. In an educational seminar to be held on a joint weekend, the facilitators will develop and build joint educational programs. This is a weekend of learning, working together and interacting significantly. We hope that our educators will leave the inventory they have seen and be ready to take their inspiration back to their classrooms and their students and we hope our educators will make ongoing contacts with local and overseas educators to open dialogue and communication for shared learning.