Leadership2Gether Hadera

"The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been," as Henry Kissinger said. However, for those of us emerging into the adult environment so strongly referred to as "the real world," some of us are a little apprehensive about what that means. "Where they have not been," could describe many locations, many milestones, and many experiences that we ourselves have yet to arrive. In this age of readily available information, it is still easy to feel a little lost and small in a world that is much bigger than ourselves. Thoughts of Emma Pulley, Jacksonville FL, L2G Alumni 2017. This program offers a joint leadership study program consisting groups of Young Professional Adults in each community and cross communities. The program takes advantage of current communication technology to engage Israelis and American paired together for a Havruta (one on one learning sessions). The program encourages people to connect across geographical, cultural and religious denominational boundaries. The program seeks to establish strong friendships while developing leadership skills through texts the counterparts learn together about their Jewish heritage and identity, and their responsibilities as Jews to their own community and to the worldwide Jewish community. The program contains a five month study session, ten encounters at your own convenient time, and a Mifgash Seminar hosted in one of the communities or in Israel and comprised of leadership studies, fellowship, home hospitality, sightseeing and future planning.