An Annotated Guide to Online Resources by Language and Target Population

Chanukah Resources in English

A. Jewish Agency & Affiliated Websites

Education Department – Chanukah home page

Education Department/Early Childhood

WZO Hagshama & Students Department

World Union of Jewish Students [WUJS] 

B. Major Chanukah Resources – External Websites

Teachers, Families & Children

Aish Hatorah

  • Teachers, students family
  • Overview and study
  • Files for reading online or download
  • Comprehensive background, guides, laws and customs, stories, family activities and recipes. Audio & video downloads.

Akhlah – Jewish Children’s Learning Network

Academy BJE, Sydney, Australia

Ben Ish Chai


Chabad Virtual Chanukah

  • Children & families; adults
  • Intro; edutainment; study.
  • Text, games video/audio
  • Background, how-to guide, brachot, stories, interactive games cards, songs, recipes, video audio classes and insight articles for adults.

English Teachers Network in Israel [ETNI]


  • Children, families
  • Crafts
  • Files with visual models
  • 10 activity ideas: colouring pages, crafts, decorations, games, origami: models for Menorah, dreidl…

The Holiday Spot

  • Children, Families
  • Introductory, leisure/fun
  • Files; visuals; interactives,  downloads
  • Introductory web environment: overview,  entertaining games & crafts, graphics. Full translation/explanation of Maoz Tzur. General website: page links to Xmas features.

Jewish Outreach Initiative

  • Families, adults with little background
  • Introductory
  • 5 main categories, explanatory links
  • “Do It Yourself” guideline, with stories, background information, recipes and customs presented in a fairly lighthearted manner

Jewish Theological Seminary of America [JTSA]

  • Families, children, teachers.
  • Introductory; leisure, fun
  • 14 files, 3 categories
  • Guidelines to use; introductory story & ideas with related games, eg on the Chanukiah, potato, svivon; recipes.
  • Files are labelled Parent/Child/Together.

Macam [Levinksy Teachers' College]

  • 9-12 [non-native English speakers]; 8-10 [native lang.]
  • Intro.  & leisure/fun/ study
  • 1 long text file; line drawings, charts
  • History, word puzzles, word games with dedicated lexicon, English songs, coded message, bingo, jumbled story etc; answers provided.



  • Children
  • Introductory and activity site
  • “Fun” site with many activity files
  • Traditional approach, very busy look aimed specifically at kids. Lots of background material, with pictures, audio files, greeting cards, games and activities. Requires Java plug-in for multimedia files

URJ Jewish Holidays

  • Family, teachers, synagogue, early childhood, community leaders
  • Intro. educationalwebsite for all family ages
  • 7 internal sections with multiple content; 5 affiliated websites; some pdf files; sales resources
    Parent newsletters with ideas; Nefesh celebration and worship ideas; all-in Chanukah guide with timeline and activity plans; Chanukah glossary; UJ press; music sales database

Webquest on the Macabees:

Students & Adults  


  • Teachers, adults, parents, students
  • Overview of basics
  • 1 file - main features explained
  • Terms covered (mostly transliterations); sound files to download; laws, customs; latke recipe

Jewish Outreach Initiative

  • Students, adults
  • Basic site for people with little background
  • Five main categories & explanatory links
  • “DIY" guideline with stories; background information; recipes and customs presented in a fairly lighthearted manner

Torah Org [Project Genesis]

  • Students and teachers, basic to advanced
  • Learning and activity site
  • 9 basic files, Online menorah, greeting card
  • Introduction and background information, divrei Torah and insights. Orthodox/Traditional. DIY Chanukah cards.

Virtual Beit Midrash (Yeshivat Har Etzion)

613 Org

  • High-school to adult
  • Audio files to listen to online or download
  • Extensive selection of audio & video files for Hebrew & English speakers. Orthodox/ trad.

Hamakor – Web Shas: Aish Das Resource Library

  • Family, teachers, adults
  • Also links to an extensive list of Chanukah-related sites
  • Orthodox; Jewish source references (Tanach, Talmud, Shulchan Arukh, etc.)  for Halachic questions, wide range of material on Chanukah         

Ohr Samayach

Orthodox Union

  • Families, parents, advanced students
  • Overview and learning site
  • Dozens of background & source files, shiurim, blessings in translation, audio files, some fun and lecture links
  • Orthodox perspective on holidays from basics to advanced. Q & A, Extensive files and links to Shiurim and lectures from other web sites, plus brachot in Russian and International Sign Language. Fire & Safety guidelines 


Midrash Ben Ish Hai

Specialty Sites

Haggadahs R Us

C. Powerpoint Presentations & Films

Aish HaTorah


D. Link Hubs


Education Department, The Jewish Agency for Israel
Chanukah Fun & Trivia Guide

  • Teachers, families, youth leaders
  • Chanukah Links to quizzes, plays, songs, crafts

The J-Site

Holiday Home Pages

  • Family
  • Commercial site; Chanukah overview & activity; links
  • Eighteen links &  files - not all updated
  • Eclectic links to many other sites; some internal files: background, customs, explanations, recipes. Humorous approach.

E. eCards

Chabad Lubavitch

Mile Chai

Salem Global

Torah Org

123 Greetings

Awesome Cards

Blue Mountain





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