I have intimated that it was largely the personality of Herzl, when once it was forced out into the open by various circumstances, that carried the day and invoked a zeal and a passion perhaps unique in modern history. he possessed in a larger measure than most men intellectual grace and persuasive enthusiasm. In a short time he was surrounded by a band of determined men, to whom his word was almost law, his wish a command. They put themselves willingly under his somewhat autocratic rule, and gathered around his still unfurled banner. No leader of men has ever been placed in exactly the same position. Herzl had nothing visible or future to offer to those who immediately and intimately assisted him - no hopes of preferment, no prospect of personal advancement. Both they and he were to be in the service of an ideal, and in that service they were to do battle together against skepticism within the ranks and opposition without. With very few exceptions, they have proved faithful to their trust. If the term "beautiful" can be applied to a man without derogating his manhood, it can be used of Herzl. But he was no less beautiful in sentiment and in mind than he was in person. He was fascinating intellectually and physically, so that he quickly drew all men within the charmed circle of his influence.




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