The life of Herzl is like a fairy tale which mothers will tell to their children in the twilight hours and which will be handed down from generation to generation.
Just as in a fairy tale, Herzl vanished as suddenly as he appeared.
A fairy godmother stood by his cradle and showered upon this one child gifts of body and of mind which should have sufficed thousands. She gave him magnetic eyes and beauty of face and figure; a pleasing voice and gentle manner; a powerful intellect with the heart of a child; integrity and great courage. She gave him the gift of dreams and the mighty will to do what others were not strong enough to do. The gift of tears and laughter; the power to rule and sway others; the love of God and man. All these gifts of body and mind were given to this one man.
Even death was a gift - death which overtook him so swiftly that he became a legendary figure. What he could not accomplish in his brief life was accomplished by his death.




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