The Jewish tragedy of our age lies in the fact that the Jewish people is scattered and splintered. The individual Jews nowadays is isolated as such and suffers as a result of this isolation. This suffering has become a tragedy. How is it possible to find a solution for this tragic situation other than by establishing a home of our own? The man who realized that with unusual clarity was Theodor Herzl.

What Herzl saw was simplicity in itself, yet no one had realized it before him. Only a small group of people had concentrated around him. He realized that the Jewish people alone is capable of creating the movement that would break through that individual isolation.

With the healthy instinct of a political genius, Herzl felt that that could be achieved through the rebuilding of Eretz Israel. Almost all opposed Herzl, in the fear that the idea might prove injurious to their status in the countries of their domicile - possibly might lead to a complete loss of status. Herzl, who knew that that was not the case, entered upon that onerous task which proved to be impossible from the political point of view, with a small group of faithful followers. Nowadays we have come to realize that Herzl had set them on the road to redemption. We must recognize that with all our hearts and express our deep admiration of his memory.





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05 Nov 2007 / 24 Heshvan 5768 0