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Primary Sources
Secondary Sources
Secondary Sources: German
Secondary Sources: Italian
Biographies of Zionist Leaders
Biographies of Zionist Leaders: German
Zionist Institutions
Zionist Congresses


Primary Sources


Ahad HaAm: Anticipations and Survivals

Ahad HaAm: Jewish State and Jewish Problem

Ahad HaAm: The Wrong Way

Ahad HaAm: Resources and Articles

Nathan Birnbaum: Confessions

Ber Borochov: Internet Archives

Dov Ber Borochov: Resources and Articles

Martin Buber: Resources and Articles

Arthur Hertzberg: Resources and Articles

Ze'ev Jabotinsky: Resources and Articles

Ze'ev Jabotinsky: Trumpeldor's Anniversary

Ze'ev Jabotinsky: The Ethics of the Iron Wall

Ze'ev Jabotinsky: Social Redemption

Ze'ev Jabotinsky: Bi-National Palestine

Ze'ev Jabotinsky: The Iron Wall

Max Nordau: Address at the First Zionist Congress

Max Nordau: Address at the Sixth Zionist Congress

Max Nordau: The Malady of the Century

Max Nordau: The Richard Wagner Cult

Franz Oppenheimer: Address at the Sixth Zionist Congress

Leon Pinsker: Auto-Emancipation

Arthur Ruppin: The Picture of 1907

Die Welt and other Zionist Journals (Complete editions online)

Secondary Sources


Zionism (Jewish Encyclopaedia)

Zionism before Herzl

What is Zionism - A Peace Now Vision

Moses Hess and Modern Jewish Identity

Inventory of the Papers of Moses Hess

"Clear Heads, Solid Stomachs, and Hard Muscles”:
Max Nordau and the Aesthetics of Jewish Regeneration

Zionism (Wikipedia)

Zionism (Jewish Virtual Library)

Zionism (Background)

Zionism (The Peace Encyclopedia)

A Historical Look at Religious Zionism

Nurit Reshef: 100 Years of Zionism

Lexicon of Zionism

Judaism Reading List: Zionism

Zionism: Timeline of Events

A Personal Assessment of the Zionist Experience

The Flag and the Emblem

Zionist Flags and other Proposals

Amos Oz: Meaning of Homeland for the Jewish People

Manchester and Zionism

Israel, Zionism and Us

Zionism at 100: Remembering Its Often Prophetic Jewish Critics

Act and Comprehend

The End of Zionism?

Zionism and the Myth of Motherland

Franz Oppenheimer

Secondary Sources: German


Von der zionistischen Vision zum jüdischen Staat,0,0,

Der Zionismus und die Geschichte seines Werdens

Reiner Bernstein: Die zionistische Bewegung

Secondary Sources: Italian



Sionismo: Un secolo di grandi ideali


Biographies of Zionist Leaders


Nathan Birnbaum

Dr. Nathan Birnbaum

Chaim Weizmann, Builder of Israel

Biographies of Zionist Leaders: German


Nathan Birnbaum


Zionist Institutions


World Zionist Organization

World Zionist Organization - Department for Zionist Activities

The World Zionist Organization

Jewish Agency for Israel

Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael - Jewish National Fund

Download: Story of KKL-JNF

Keren Hayesod - United Jewish Appeal

Central Zionist Archives

Max Bodenheimer Archives

Jabotinksy Institute

The Chaim Weizmann Institute for the Study of Zionism and Israel

The Zionist Organization of America

Mercaz USA



Hungarian Zionist Federation

Religious Zionists of America

Zionist Congresses


The First Zionist Congress and the Basel Program

The First Zionist Congress and the Basel Program (Jewish Virtual Library)

Early Zionist Congresses

Election Posters for the Zionist Congress




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