Updating the 2018 Budget

It is hereby resolved:


>1.>    To increase the framework of the operating budget of the Jewish Agency for Israel for the Fiscal Year January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018, so that the current aggregate amount of $362.503 million as approved in February 2018 is increased to a total sum of $363.203 million due to an increase of $0.700 million financed by fee for services and to apply changes as detailed below:


U.S. dollars in thousands

Changes in expenses funded by Fee for Services income

(parallel changes in both income and expenditure)

Changes from February Budget


Young Activism

Nitzana Eco Village



Activities with Russian Speaking Jews

Summer/ Winter Camps








  1. To implement Additional reduction to be allocated:


U.S. dollars in thousands

Changes in budget financed by Unrestricted Funds

Changes from February Budget

Israel Experiences


Shlichim and Israel Fellows


Young Activism




Aliyah, Klita and Rescue


Activities with Russian Speaking Jews               


Community Services (not including FSU)                       


Jewish Agency Wide Projects and Organizational Activities


Executive Offices         


Support Units               


Resources Development and Public Affairs




Additional reduction to be allocated










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15 Aug 2018 / 4 Elul 5778 0