Jewish Agency Strategic Process

Whereas in June 2019 the Jewish Agency Executive resolved to authorize the Jewish Agency professional staff, in consultation with the Jewish Agency constituencies, to explore the content, structural and budgetary implications of the insights produced from the various discussions held in the framework of the change process and determined that a detailed report and recommendations expect to be presented to the Board - at the October 2019 Board meetings; and

Whereas according to the above, an intensive work has been made by the Jewish Agency leadership and professional staff, while consulting with the Jewish Agency constituencies and other bodies; and

Whereas the document "The Jewish Agency for Israel – The Agent of the Jewish People - Executive Summary" that was drafted according to the above, was distributed to the Board;

Therefore be it resolved:
1. The Board of Governors adopts the abovementioned document as a basis for building the strategy for the Jewish Agency's 10th decade.
2. The Board of Governors adopts the Jewish Agency future impact areas:
- Continuing to promote Aliyah and ensure Jewish safety
- Connecting Jews worldwide to one another and to Israel
- Advocacy and impact on behalf of world Jewry in Israel
3. The Board of Governors authorizes the Jewish Agency leadership and professional staff to present an updated vision and mission for approval prior to the February 2020 Board meetings.



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27 Dec 2020 / 12 Tevet 5781 0