Young Adult Olim Programs

Whereas in recent years, The Jewish Agency for Israel has made a strategic decision to focus on the Aliyah of Young Adults: motivated, educated young people between the ages of 18 and 35; and
Whereas it is our aim to attract young upwardly-mobile Jewish immigrants from around the world to strengthen Israel's society and economy; and
Whereas it is our commitment to focus on and expand already-existing residential absorption programs for this demographic group, including the Ulpan Etzion network, Young Adult Centers, Kibbutz Ulpan, Vocational Training Programs and Sela; and
Whereas fulfilling the Zionist dream is not just about moving to Israel, but also about becoming a productive member of Israeli society, and thus strengthening the country as a whole, making it crucial to increase absorption tracks to help integrate new Olim who come from varying backgrounds

Therefore, The Jewish Agency for Israel is working to increase Aliyah by expanding our Young Adult Olim programs and therefore calls for an increased budget for these absorption programs.



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14 Mar 2019 / 7 Adar II 5779 0