Multi-Year Commitment: Kiryat Yearim

Whereas: The Jewish Agency reached an understanding with the Friends of Kiryat Yearim Switzerland ("the Swiss Association") and the Fisher Foundation, to jointly fund the supplementary budget of the Youth Village in the amount of $485,000 (the budget beyond the basic budget which is funded, inter alia, by the Ministry of Education) for the coming five years;
Whereas:    In accordance with the abovementioned understanding, the Swiss Association will take responsibility for Naor's share of the supplementary budget and will transfer a sum of $185,000 in each school year of the five years of the agreement, the Fisher Foundation will commit to $200,000 per year for the five years of the agreement, and the Jewish Agency will continue to commit to a sum of $100,000 per year for the five years of the agreement; and
Whereas: The Jewish Agency's multi-year commitment is subject to approval by this Committee, thereafter by the Executive and thereafter by the Board of Governors;

Therefore be it resolved as follows:
1. To approve a multi-year commitment for the Jewish Agency of $100,000 for each school year during the coming five years (September 2020-August 2025) as participation in the supplementary budget of the Youth Village.
2. The Finance Unit is authorized to incur, on a multi-year basis, financial and other obligations for the implementation of the undertakings of the Jewish Agency in accordance with the Agreement.



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27 Dec 2020 / 12 Tevet 5781 0