Appointment of Associate Members of the Executive

WHEREAS the Agreement for the Reconstitution of the Jewish Agency sets out in Section II E. 5 that the Board of Governors may appoint  Associate Members to the Executive, and that no more than six Associate Members shall serve at any time; and

WHEREAS currently there are five Associate Members of the Executive, that are the
senior professionals of the Jewish Agency Constituencies; and

WHEREAS according to the Board of Governors resolution from October 2000 the term of office of Associate Members of the Executive will last as long as they  occupy their positions in the relevant constituency, unless their term of office was terminated  by a resolution of the Board of Governors earlier; and

WHEREAS Mr. Eli Cohen was appointed the Director General of the World Zionist Organization;


To appoint Mr. Eli Cohen, the Director General of the World Zionist Organization, as an Associate Member of the Executive as of the date of this Resolution. His term of office will continue as long as he occupies the position mentioned above, unless determined by Board of Governors to terminate his term of office earlier.



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27 Nov 2016 / 26 Heshvan 5777 0