UNESCO Resolution

Whereas a recent resolution by UNESCO Executive Committee on "Occupied Palestine", submitted by Arab countries, described holy places and historical sites in Jerusalem as Islamic, ignoring completely the three thousand year long Jewish history of the city and basically ignoring that the Temple Mount is the holiest place for the Jewish people; and

Whereas the aforementioned resolution gives new anti-Semitism a tailwind, by implying an unacceptable denial of Jewish history and by adopting views which  dispossess Jews of their religious rights in their Holy Places; and

Whereas this resolution is so outrageously offensive that even the Secretary General of UNESCO distanced herself from the text of the resolution, and certain countries who had voted in favor expressed in official statements their regrets and reservations thereof; and

Whereas Prime Minister of the French Republic, Mr. Manuel Valls, announced that this resolution, despite France's vote in favor, contained unfortunate, gauche and vexing formulations that should have been avoided;

Therefore be it resolved:
The Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency for Israel strongly condemns this iniquitous resolution and calls on all members of the Executive Committee of UNESCO, first and foremost France, to rewrite the text in the next session come November so as to remove all anti-Jewish slur and slander contained in the existing motion and amend it to reflect the Jewish people's undeniable religious and historical presence in the Jerusalem, leaving no legitimacy to the anti-Semitic historical revisionism which must be definitively banned from all UN statements and resolutions.



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31 Jul 2016 / 25 Tamuz 5776 0