Resolution - Refugees

Whereas there is broad attention in our communities around the world to the decision of the Israeli Government regarding the imminent deportation of 38,000 African migrants; and

Whereas a serious discussion of this issue was held at the Jewish Unity Committee by all the Jewish Agency’s constituent members;

Therefore, the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency hereby resolves:
1. To appeal to the Government of Israel to ensure every migrant has an opportunity to apply for asylum, and receive transparent due process in the examination of their application.

2. To call on the Minister of Interior, following the Jewish Agency’s Chairman’s letter thereto, to grant legal status to the more than 500 young migrants who arrived in Israel years ago as unaccompanied minors and were integrated in the education system of youth villages operated by the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Education. These youngsters have grown up in an Israeli educational environment, speak fluent Hebrew, are imbued with Israeli culture and are loyal to the State of Israel.  Therefore, it is right that they be granted legal status.

3. To set up a task force within the Board of Governors that will examine the issue with a view of submitting recommendations for further action to the Board.

4. This study should be completed as quickly as possible in light of existing deadlines for deportation.



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07 Mar 2018 / 20 Adar II 5778 0