The Agunah and Get-Refusal Prevention Program

Rahel Lev-Mor The Agunah and Get-Refusal Program


The issue of Jewish divorce refusal continues to be a wide-ranging international problem. It is a tragic form of spiritual and emotional incarceration for men and women alike. It has social, financial and legal ramifications for the individual, the family and the local community. This program aims to address the matter on two levels – through the creation and application of a prenuptial agreement for all couples marrying in Israel and around the world, which will obviate future situations of aginut (being bound to an unwanted marriage), and by encouraging married couples to sign a postnuptial agreement.

The program focuses primarily on young people of marriageable age.

The program operates on campuses all over the country, and includes events held at various communities, such as Bet Shemesh, Raanana and Efrat, wedding fairs in the center of Israel,  pre-IDF mechina programs, yeshivas, academia, progressive Judaism programs from all streams of Judaism, and presentation of the program and its objectives at conferences in Israel and around the world.

Additionally, our office in Jerusalem also provides assistance to victims of divorce refusal -- providing support to agunot women and men entrapped in a situation of divorce refusal, to enable them to achieve the wished-for release and remarry.

The partnership with the Jewish Agency provides help for all program activities:

  • Across-the-board support for anyone suffering as a result of divorce refusal.
  • Helpline – by phone or Email.
  • Developing social media channels and marketing strategies in order to access a wide population of young people and educators.
  • Postnuptial agreement signing events.
  • Advanced training and events relating to distribution of prenuptial agreements.
  • Translation into English of the authoritative Halacha book on divorce refusal, written by the program director Dr. Rachel Lev Mor: Keep the Tears from Your Eyes: Prenuptial Agreements, for Prevention of Divorce Refusal.


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