The Masorti (Conservative) Movement

בבית כנסת של התנועה המסורתית (קונסרבטיבים)

The Conservative Movement combines loyalty to the Jewish tradition and halacha (Jewish law), with openness to democratic and humanist culture.

The Jewish Agency supports the Masorti Movement in Israel as part of its commitment to Arvut Hadadit (mutual, reciprocal responsibility of one Jew to another) and the unity of the Jewish people.The Jewish Agency supports the Masorti Movement, which operates as an umbrella organization for Conservative activity in Israel; the Schechter Institute; the TALI Foundation; the Schechter Seminary; the Schechter Rabbinical Beit Midrash and the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

  • The Masorti Movement in Israel has a powerful bond with global Conservative Judaism. The Movement is represented throughout the country, and its various congregations and communities serve as a spiritual home for many Israelis who find a warm and welcoming Judaism that combines faith, tradition and democratic values.

  • The Schechter Institute is an academic institute located in Jerusalem that offers a range of Master’s degree programs in Jewish studies. More than 600 students, mostly Jewish educators, study at the Schechter Institute each year.

  • The TALI Foundation provides programming at over 300 public schools and kindergartens throughout Israel that believe in pluralistic Jewish education.

  • The Schechter Seminary operates the Neve Schechter center for culture, education and contemporary Jewish spiritualism, in addition to a range of other programs.

  • The Schechter Rabbinical Beit Midrash offers programs in the fields of Jewish leadership, including training programs for Conservative male and female rabbis. 

  • The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

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Conservative programs supported by The Jewish Agency

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