The Modern Orthodox Movement

A Modern orthodox Bar Mitzvah for the deaf (Young Israel movement project)

The Modern Orthodox Movement is committed to halacha (Jewish law) and to keeping mitzvot (commandments), as they have been interpreted for generations by Torah scholars in loyalty to Jewish tradition and historical and legal precedent. Modern Orthodox Jews maintain a lifestyle that reflects the possibility to combine a Torah-based life together with a modern approach, such as respect for secular academic studies, both in the United States and in Israel.

The Jewish Agency supports the Modern Orthodox movement in Israel as part of its commitment to Arvut Hadadit (mutual, reciprocal responsibility of one Jew to another) and the unity of the Jewish people. Specific organizations were approved for support by the relevant committee of The Jewish Agency’s Board of Governors: OU Israel, the International Young Israel Movement and Yeshiva University.

Among the Modern Orthodox programs supported by Jewish Agency “streams” funding is a unique and highly influential project for preventing agunot (women who have been denied a divorce and are therefore “chained” to their marriages), bar and bat mitzvah programs for deaf and hearing-impaired children, and more.

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Orthodox programs supported by The Jewish Agency