Dear Partnership Family and Jewish Agency Family,

When you read “Dear Partnership Family”, do you hear the song in my heart? This singsong has warmly accompanied every email – and you have received more than one….

After nearly 18 years, the time has come for me to chart new waters. Words cannot capture the amount of gratitude I have for the opportunities I have been given at the Jewish Agency. First, discovering JAFI through the critical work of the Aliyah and Klitah Department. Then given the enormous undertaking of stewarding the world of Partnership. It has been an amazing journey of personal and professional growth. The Jewish Agency provides a unique professional home for initiative, entrepreneurship and development. For that, I will be forever grateful.

This journey was not always easy. But my journey’s path was a beautiful one because of the wonderful travelers who joined me. The amazingly talented Partnership Unit team. Your commitment, creativity, shlichut, and so much more will continue to leave a profoundly positive and important mark on the global Jewish landscape and in Israel. You have been my partners, supporters and friends. The hardest part of leaving is leaving is that I will sorely miss our day in and day out. You have filled my heart these past few weeks with pride and joy. As I have repeatedly said: YOU have all made me look good.

Travelers also include my dear colleagues across the Jewish Agency. Only people working inside JAFI know how fantastically talented and committed they are.  Unparalleled. I thank you for your collaboration and friendship.  I deeply thank Jewish Agency leadership, especially CEOs and Chairmen, who trusted and supported me. I wish Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog and our CEO Amira Ahronoviz only success during these concerning times. Two truly great leaders embracing the helm. The Jewish Agency is a uniquely critical organization on the Jewish world’s landscape, and I remain committed to help any way I can as JAFI’s newest volunteer.   

To my colleagues and friends in Jewish communities across the globe. The quality of our Partnerships reflect your commitment and investment of care and energy. So thank you for holding hands with us and bringing your generosity and creativity to evolve Partnership.  This includes Jewish Federations and Keren Hayesod – from Chief Executives to a long list of I&O professionals and lay leaders. A special thank you to the Federation Representatives in Israel who we work so closely with.  A special shout out to our Partnership2Gether Steering Committee Chairs and members in Israel and overseas who give so much of their talent, expertise and time (hours and hours) to make P2G a success.  You have singularly helped our P2G teams move mountains and simply do good. 

I want to thank my own lay leadership. The Chairs and members of both the Partnership Global Council who have put so much air in my wings, as well as the Board of Governor’s Partnership Committee.  And here I have to name a few of the chairs who made such an impact on my journey – and I will do so chronologically:  Didi Arzi, Raya Strauss Ben Dror, Harold Gernsbacher, Doron Lev and my current leaders – Lori Klinghoffer, Ilan Geal Dor and Jack Smorgon.  Thank you, thank you and thank you. You are all so dear to me.

I want to mention by name so many people but simply cannot. However there are a few that I just must. Mike Rosenberg, the former Director General of the Aliyah and Klitah Department who hired an unknown young woman who walked into his office with a baby straddled on her hip. To Leah Golan, the former Director General of the Israel Department, who took an enormous gamble in handing me what was then Partnership 2000.  I learned so much form the two of you. Most of all, to create an environment where your team can take chances. To be generous. That you can be a top notch professional and remain a mensche.  Thank you for the gift of a lifetime.

I started and want to conclude with the Partnership Unit. Every P2G Director and every Coordinator. To my Headquarters (THE Mate). To all of the BIG 3s. To all of my strategic planners. To everyone who developed CRMs, newsletters, took care of every outgoing schlichut, and more and more.  To the directors and teams of: The Global School Twinning Network; G2: Global Intergenerational Initiative; 248 Community Action Network; Loan Funds for Small Businesses; Allocation to the Religious Streams. I have learned so much from all of you. Keep on doing what you do and how you do it. You make me so proud.

I cannot be happier knowing that Hagar Shoham Marko has been appointed the Acting Director of the Partnership Unit. This enables me to leave knowing that all of my babies are in talented and professional hands which will continue to lead this world into great new waters. I know you will all enjoy and wholly benefit from working with Hagar as I have. Thank you Hagar. I can’t wait to see all the new things to come. Naches!

Friends, I know this is cliché, but it’s really not good bye. It’s just an I’ll see you later in a new place and time.

With much gratitude and love,





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12 Jul 2020 / 20 Tamuz 5780 0