Academic Committee

The Academic Committee focuses on the academic institutes in the region, including the Western Galilee College, the Ghetto Fighters' Museum, and the Israel Antiquities Authority in Akko. The committee works towards establishing a tradition of professional educational opportunities in the region and developing connections with academic institutes in our partner communities in the US and Budapest.

Research Exchange

Dr. Marcy Paul, from the School of Public Health in Texas University, visited the Western Galilee as part of a joint research she is conducting with her co-chair, Dr. Janan Falach from the Haifa Arab College for Education, on gender and multi-culture effect on health. In that capacity, they have also met with participants of the Women Leading a Dialogue group.

In the current year, Marcy and Janan are working on developing an assessment process for the various Partnership programs. The plan is to focus each year on one program of one of the Partnership committees, starting with Women Leading a Dialogue.

Academic Conferences

An international academic conference, titled Women in a Multicultural Society – Dilemmas of Gender and Culture, took place in Budapest in March 2018. The conference brought together scholars from Hungary, Israel, and the US for two days of lectures, workshops, and panel discussions. The second conference is planned to take place in July of 2019 in Omaha, Nebraska, with the tentative title of Negotiating Self/Other: The space I/we occupy in Israel and the World.  Joining co-chairs Dr. Janan Falach and Dr. Marcy Paul in the leading team of this conference are Dr. Patrick McNamara, Director of the Schwalb Center at the University of Nebraska in Omaha, and PhD Candidate Anikó Félix of the Tom Lantos Institute in Budapest.


Academics in our partnered communities who may have an interest in attending and/or participating are welcome to contact us:

Dr. Janan Faraj Falah, PhD, Israel (Akko), Academic Co-Chair –

Dr. Marcy L. Paul, Phd, U.S. (Fort Worth) Academic Co-Chair –

Carmit Gilad, Academic Committee Coordinator –