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Budapest has been present in P2G’s global Jewish network for more than ten years. Through the years and numerous successful joint programs, Budapest has become a true family member of our Partnership.  Today participants from Budapest are present in all areas of P2G activities like education, academic relations, youth leadership, medical committee, art and more. They strengthen the diverse nature of P2G with the similarities and differences in their Jewish identity, while they enrich the horizon of P2G activities with creative initiatives.

Why Budapest?

Budapest, Hungary, that today has the largest Jewish population (ca. 100.000 people) in Central and Eastern Europe, has a fascinating Jewish history, which has left impressive marks on the capital's appearance, population and common memory. At the turn of the 20th century, thanks to the presence of the Jewish community, Budapest became a thriving and glamorous cultural capital. In these years almost one-third of Budapest’s population was Jewish. World War II. and the following 50 years of communism burned this unique legacy where most of the survivors and their descendants no longer wanted or could not associate with Jewish tradition.

In the years following the change of regime in 1989 a new Jewish community began to revive in Budapest, which was not moved by and built by the survivors or their children, but by the young, ambitious third generation who, away from the losses of the past, believes in a new a Jewish identity, which is based not on fear and exclusion but on tradition and desire of belonging.

Today in Budapest there are Jewish schools, the University of Rabbinical and Jewish Studies, dozens of working synagogues of different religious streams, youth movements, kosher restaurants, historical sites, museums, Jewish theatre… JUDApest is alive again!

How to get connected?

The Jewish community of Budapest, with its previously mentioned rich infrastructure, is eagerly open to cooperate with their Israeli and US partners on each field of P2G activities. In order to find Hungarian partners to a program idea, please contact the coordinators or committee chairs!

Visit Budapest!

Individuals, missions or youth groups from our P2G regions are welcome to visit Budapest anytime of the year. Our local P2G representative and a group of ambitious volunteers excitedly wait for guests to explain about their personal experiences and to introduce the breathtaking Jewish Budapest from an individual perspective. The guests can meet active Jewish leaders and visit the Israeli Cultural Institute - a community center which, among various Jewish-themed cultural and educational programs, provides home for local and international Jewish organizations like Partnership2Gether.


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