THE PARTNERSHIP by Bracha - Week in Review: April 5-12, 2019 / Adar II 29 -Nisan 7, 5779

Join us at the P2G Summit: July 14-16, 2019 in South Bend, IN!



July 14-16, 2019 in South Bend, IN. Great opportunity to learn more about the Partnership, meet other members of our communities and get new perspectives about our Jewish world. Subsidy for first timers!! Registration is OPEN! Register here:

The next 5 registrants will receive a special gift from the Western Galilee!

Partnership Discovery

Oct. 27 - Nov. 4, 2019 Looking for a different Israel experience?? For mature adults who are seeking an in depth learning and connecting personal experience in the Western Galilee and Budapest! Great price!! Great opportunity! Come with a friend. More information?

  • The elections are past and the future government is still an unknown... Stay tuned!!

  • Bereeshit almost made it - we celebrate the victory of making it to the moon and await trying again!

  • Ben Davis is recruiting the SB JWRP women to participate in the Summit. Shout out to other JWRP communities to do the same so the women can meet, connect and become familiar with Partnership.

  • Bill Altman (Louisville) visited this week in the Western Galilee- met his biking buddies and made some new friends!

  • Susan Schwartz made sure that Michelle and I were busy in Buffalo! Great energy and people. Kudos to Buffalo for the warm hospitality.

  • Met Randi and Stacie, Campaign staff who have selected their 15 women for JWRP and will begin to meet with them prior to the trip. 

  • Delightful dinners with new and known friends including Federation president, Leslie Kramer and Jim. Glad to meet Jody Goldstein who will join us at the Summit as a first timer.

  • Met Elizabeth Schram, straight from San Antonio on her second day of work as the Holocaust Research Center director. She experienced the Ghetto Fighters House during her MA program at Haifa University. She will work on  ways to use the GFH as a resource for all the Consortium communities. 

  • Great meeting with Miriam, Director of Jewish Engagement and Learning - Getting Buffalo more engaged with initiating in the Partnership planning process

  • Follow up with the Israel/Overseas committee who was responsible for the grants to the organizations in the Western Galilee from the Buffalo over and above campaign. Feedback on the process and discussion of future options

  • Visited the conference facility in which Buffalo will host the COC in October 2020.

  • Wishes for a good Pesach to all ... as we celebrate the Festival of Freedom.

  • THE PARTNERSHIP Update will be on break for 2 weeks as we crunch on our matzah. JAFI offices will be closed for the entire holiday (April 19-28)






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