THE PARTNERSHIP by Bracha - Week in Review: April 28 - May 2, 2019 / Nisan 23-28, 5779 12 Days of the Omer

Join us at the P2G Summit: July 14-16, 2019 in South Bend, IN!



July 14-16, 2019 in South Bend, IN. Great opportunity to learn more about the Partnership, meet other members of our communities and get new perspectives about our Jewish world. Subsidy for first timers!! Registration is OPEN! Register here:

The next 5 registrants will receive a special gift from the Western Galilee!

Partnership Discovery

Oct. 27 - Nov. 4, 2019 Looking for a different Israel experience?? For mature adults who are seeking an in depth learning and connecting personal experience in the Western Galilee and Budapest! Great price!! Great opportunity! Come with a friend. More information?

Condolences to Kobi Siboni on the loss of his twin sister. 

  • We celebrated our freedom on Pesach and today, Holocaust Remembrance Day, we remember the 6 million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust. We recall personal stories and testimonies so as to never forget this tragedy in our history. 

  • Heidi and Kim have put out the Revised Resource Book for planning visits to the Western Galilee. If you are planning a trip for individuals or a mission - Check it out!! It is attached.

  • Next week, nine teens with 2 chaperones will travel to NW IN and Omaha to celebrate with them Yom Haatzmaout and meet the teens who will travel this December to Israel. A great opportunity - two live visits within 7 months. 

  • Danit and Nofar have planned a year long continuation of meeting, shared learning and development of social initiatives for both WLD cohorts.  This continuing Forum will give the women the opportunity to gain more skills and spread the word by creating their own initiatives. We are working hard to raise the funds for Cohort 3.

  • Come to the Summit! Fifteen Americans have already registered and we hope to have between 15-20 Hungarians and Israelis. We will share, meet new friends, enjoy old friends and learn new tools of engagement.

  • For Yom Hatzmaout in your communities, see this great video of our Lone Soldiers, communities will be putting it on screens during their Yom Haatzmaout events. 

  • Community Opinion Leaders delegation is planned for February 2020. Now is the time to  recruit non-Jewish Opinion Leaders - the recruitment flyer is attached. 

  • The Partnership Center is undergoing final fixes and permitting. Very soon!! 

  • Yom Haatzmaout sameach- Celebrate 71 years of the State of Israel. 

Shabbat Shalom, Bracha




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