THE PARTNERSHIP by Bracha - Week in Review: Aug. 1-9, 2019 / Av 1-8, 5779

Next Summit is in Budapest: *Pre-trip - June 21-22, 2020 *Summit - June 22-25, 2020

Have you recruited your city’s participant for the Community Opinion Leaders mission February 17-23, 2020?? Need more information? Contact Heidi

Condolences to Sue Katz (CEO-Peoria) on the loss of her mother.

ENDLESS details before the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Signs, cookies, signs, speeches, signs, toasts, signs, thank yous…

Planned a day for our present and past chairs who will be with us on August 13th to be updated and talk about the future!

August 13th the staff will meet and orient Chen, the new shalicha for South Bend.

Planning for my trip in September (7-19) to visit Peoria and Springfield and with Michelle to San Antonio and Austin.

The nineteen people who will be a part of the Discovery trip to the Western Galilee and Budapest in late October are now connected on whatsapp and they are sharing introductions.

Indianapolis has a found a local Book Club champion and their Partnership Book Club will be sponsored by the Jewish library on the campus.

Sunday we mark Tisha B’Av - the day we remember the destruction of the First and Second Temples and other catastrophes that have befallen the nation of Israel. We remember the past and look to always improve our future! (The office will be closed.)

Want to know what Partnership opportunities are available for this coming year? Check out the Calendar of Opportunities

The Ribbon Cutting ceremony will be lived streamed- Tuesday, August 13 starting at 10 AM CDT, 11 AM EDT and 18:00 Israel. (Hang on it may be a few minutes late…) Go to this link:






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