THE PARTNERSHIP by Bracha - Week in Review: July 18-25, 2019 / Tammuz 15-23, 5779

The Partnership Center Ribbon Cutting ceremony will be August 13, 2019. You are all invited!

Returned from the Summit to jump into intense preparations for the Ribbon Cutting ceremony and moving into the building!

Harold Gernsbacher and Michelle Korin will be here for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Join us!

Today, the Jewish Agency held a farewell for all the retiring employees from the northern region of Partnerships (including Judy) in OUR NEW BUILDING.

The staff moved their computers into the new building and have packed up the old offices which will be transported next week

Hosted visiting staff from Indianapolis, David Heilbron and Alexis Grant from Moshe Pod and Omaha’s Esther Katz. Esther is with 3 of her dance students who are participating in a 3 week summer dance workshop at the Kibbutz Dance Company in Gaáton in the Western Galilee.

The Budapest students and teacher returned to Israel for the final competition at Unistream and with the students at the Naval school made a fine presentation of their start up- Fitbelt- which measures your waist/ hip ratio. Kudos to Efrat, Toni and Carmit for being with the groups.  Although the group did not  win, they had the wonderful experience of participating in a fair of youth start ups from all over Israel and thousands of business executives, families and friends who came to the Performing Arts Center in Tel Aviv for the event. The Mayor of Akko, JAFI Chair, Yitzhak Herzog, the Norwegian ambassador and Gilad Shalit all tested their prototype!

Was on the judging team for the Unistream competition (not of our group!)

The Municipality of Akko have contributed the 38 Mezuzot for The Partnership Center, all the handiwork of Albert Ben Shloosh. Next week, Mayor Shimon Lankri will come to affix a Mezuza at the entrance of the Partnership offices.

Shabbat Shalom,





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