THE PARTNERSHIP by Bracha - Week in Review: May 9-17, 2019 / Iyar 4-12, 5779 27 Days of the Omer

Join us at the P2G Summit: July 14-16, 2019 in South Bend, IN!



July 14-16, 2019 in South Bend, IN. The Summit is open to staff and volunteers- old friends and first timers. Register here:

Partnership Discovery

Oct. 27 - Nov. 4, 2019 Been to Israel many times? Want something  new?? Explore the Western Galilee in depth through learning and meeting the people and places. Only a few spots remain. More information?

  • Or-Nah and Danit have been very busy helping kids and adults create special mosaics in Youngstown, Louisville and now Indianapolis. Sunday they will be a central part of the Yom Haatzmaout activites in Indianapolis.

  • Hosted Dr. Assaf Shemesh (Budapest) in the Western Galilee. He delivered  a paper at the the Medicine and Holocaust Seminar at GMC and then visited, met and connected with staff and volunteers of the Partnership today.

  • Making a round of calls with federations to review the Calendar of Opportunities and check on Summit registration. Looking forward to staff and lay representation from the communities at the Summit.

  • Planning for the Summit – We will learn new tools of engagement, talk about the anti-Semitism in the US today, enjoy a Lazar Lloyd concert and much more!

  • You still have the opportunity to be on the Donor Wall of The Partnership Center. A donation of $1000 will give you a place among the donors who are making this spectacular building a reality! Pledge by return email.

  • Michelle Korin visited Springfield and Peoria, IL this week. Thanks to both communities for the warm welcome of the first Partnership guest!

  • Working with Lisa Long(Youngstown) on the current requests from Western Galilee organizations to the Thomases Family Foundation.

  • Efrat was busy this week working on the Start up Nation project with the Naval school and Budapest, planning for the next Start up Nation project with Dayton and Akko, planning for the Summit, hosting Assaf- and that was only one day!

  • Are you part of a Book Club? Would you like to be? The Partnership Book Club is forming-Reading books of Israeli, Hungarian and American authors. Contact Avital

Shabbat Shalom, Bracha




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