In the heart of the Galilee, amid lush green vegetation and a cool embracing breeze, the Taste of Galilee Festival was held for its sixth year with the support of the Dallas – Western Galilee Partnership.

BY Michal Shiloach, CEO of the Western Galilee Now association

All comers to the Festival were treated to an intoxicating Galilee experience. After sampling distinctive Galilee wines and pastries, naturally topped off with ice-cream—all locally produced in the Galilee—visitors browsed an assortment of unique handicrafts lovingly created by talented local artists. Kids also had a great time at the Festival and took part in special activities, like decorating porcelain plates and creating backgrounds using leather.

"We arrived to the Festival all the way from the south, a three-hour drive, to enjoy the beauty of the Galilee. Everything was delicious, the atmosphere was great, and the kids had a terrific time. Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful spots in all of Israel. The Festival was a wonderful opportunity to visit the north with the entire family."
Chen Mizrachi, a guest at the Festival

The choice of location for the event was no accident. Each year it takes place in Kishorit, a truly unique kibbutz that is home to some 160 residents over the age of 21 with various disabilities. The kibbutz was established in order to advance the integration of this population into the local labor market. The venue for the event was Kishor Winery, one of the central places of employment for special needs residents in the Galilee and among the projects supported by the Dallas – Western Galilee Partnership.

The Taste of Galilee Festival is one of the flagship events organized during the year by the Western Galilee Now association. The association is dedicated to strengthening tourism in Western Galilee and serves as an umbrella organization for some 50 business owners involved in the field of experiential tourism. From culinary arts to workshops in blacksmithing, each member of the association is able to provide an active experience to their customers.

In starting out, the event was held in a modest atmosphere since it had only a tiny budget despite the ambitiousness of the project. But persistence paid off, and after serious investment by people of vision and after joining forces with good people along the way, the event was finally adopted by the Dallas – Western Galilee Partnership. It was the Partnership that gave the push that was needed to create one of the region's major events.

"The first event, back in 2012, drew about 400 people. Today, in 2019, we've grown to attract thousands of visitors. Attendees at the last event included honored guests such as head of the Mateh Asher Regional Council, Mr. Moshe Davidovich, and Ms. Yael Ron, CEO of the Galilee Cluster of Councils. The event continues to grow each year, all thanks to a dedicated team of wonderful people who have helped out and, naturally, the Partnership which has made the event what it is today.

I want to take this opportunity to simply say a big "Thank You!"




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07 Jul 2019 / 4 Tamuz 5779 0