Alterman Nathan

Poet, Journalist, and Translator

Agnon Shmuel Yosef

The first Hebrew writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Agron Gershon

Journalist and Mayor of Jerusalem

Ahad Ha'am

Hebrew essayist, and one of the foremost pre-state Zionist thinkers.

Aharonson Aaron

Romanian Jewish agronomist, botanist, and Zionist activist

Aharonson Sarah

Member of Nili, a ring of Jewish spies working for the British in World War I

Alberstein Chava

Israeli singer, lyricist, composer, and musical arranger

Alkalai Judah

Rabbi and forerunner of modern Zionism.

Allon Yigal

Israeli politician, a commander of the Palmach, and a general in the IDF

Almagor Gila

Actress and Author

Aloni Shulamit

Lawyer and Human Rights Activist, Founder of Ratz Political Organization

Amichai Yehuda

Poet and Author

Arad Ron

Israeli Air Force weapon systems officer (WSO) who is officially classified as missing in action

Arad Yael


Aranne Zalman

Reformer of the Israeli education system

Argov Sacha

Composer and Lyricist

Arlosoroff Chaim

Zionist leader of the Yishuv during the British Mandate for Palestine

Artzi Shlomo


Baal Shem Tov

Jewish mystical rabbi. considered to be the founder of Hasidic Judaism

Bakshi Doron Eliyahu

Sephardi Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel (Rishon LeZion)

Balfour Lord Arthur James

British Statesman

Bar-Ilan Meir

Orthodox rabbi and leader of Religious Zionism

Bar-Lev Haim

military officer & government minister

Barak Ehud

Prime Minister of Israel 1999-2001, Labor Party leader

Begin Menachem

Israeli politician, founder of Likud and the sixth Prime Minister of the State of Israel

Belkind Israel

Bilu Founder and Educator

Belkind Naaman

Member of the Nili Group The nephew of Bilu founder Israel Belkind and the son of Bilu pioneer Shimshon Belkind,

Ben Aharon Yitzhak

Founder of the Kibbutz Movement and Israel Labor Party, Israel Prize Laureate

Ben Gurion David

First Prime Minister and First Defense Minister of The State of Israel (1948-1953 & 1955-1963)

Ben Zvi Rahel Yanait

Labor Leader, Educator, and Writer

Ben Zvi Yitzhak

historian, Labor Zionist leader, the second and longest-serving President of Israel.

Ben-Eliezer Binyamin

Former Defense Minister, 2001-2002

Ben-Yehuda Eliezer

Litvak lexicographer and newspaper editora

Bergman Samuel Hugo

philosopher, (1883-1975.)

Berkovitch Miki

Basketball Player

Bialik Haim Nahman

The greatest Hebrew poet of modern times, was also an essayist, storywriter, translator and editor who exercised a profound influence on modern Jewish culture.

Bineth Meir Max

Lieutenant General in Israeli Intelligence

Bluwstein Rahel

Hebrew poetess

Borochov Ber

Socialist Zionist leader

Brandeis Louis

American lawyer and associate justice on the Supreme Court of the United States

Brenner Joseph Haim

Hebrew novelist.

Buber Martin

The philosopher and theologian, Zionist thinker and leader, had a profound impact on Christian as well as Jewish thinkers.

Burg Abraham

Politician, former Knesset Speaker and Jewish Agency Chairman

Burg Dr Yosef

Israeli politician

Carmi T

Poet and Editor

Chagall Marc


Cohen Eli

Israeli spy

Damari Shoshana

Singer, Israel Prize Laureate

Dayan Moshe

Israel military commander and statesman

Dinitz Simcha

Diplomat and public figure

Dizengoff Meir

A founder and first mayor of Tel Aviv.

Dreyfus Alfred

French artillery officer

Dubnow Simon

Jewish historian, writer and activist.

Eban Abba

orator, Israeli statesman and diplomat, Foreign Minister from 1966 to 1974

Ehud Olmert

Prime Minister

Einstein Albert

German-born theoretical physicist and philosopher of science

Eitan Rafael

11th IDF Chief of Staff, Minister and MK

Elazar David

Ninth Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces

Eliyahu Mordehai

Former Sephardi Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel (Rishon LeZion)

Eshkol Levi

Third prime minister of Israel.

Finkel Shimon

Actor and Director

Fisher Max

Jewish Community Leader, Zionist, Public Figure

Fox Seymour

Jewish Educational Innovator and Institution-Builder

Frank Anne

diarist and writer.

Fridman Gal

Israeli windsurfer and Olympic gold medalist.

Frischmann David

poet, short story writer, essayist, literary critic, and journalist.

Frumkin Rabbi Arih Leib

Rabbi, Zionist, a founder and pioneer of Petah Tikva,

Gaon Yehoram

Singer and Actor

Geffen Aviv

Singer and Song Writer

Goldberg Lea

Hebrew poet

Goldmann Nahum

Zionist and World Jewish Leader

Golomb Eliyahu

Leader of the Jewish defense effort in Palestine and chief architect of the Haganah, the secret military organization for defense of the yishuv between 1920 and 1948.

Gordon Aharon David

Hebrew writer and Zionist was a leader of the movement for settlement on the land (the halutzim).

Gordon David

Hebrew Journalist and Editor

Gordon Yehuda Leib

Poet, critic and journalist, a key spokesman of the Haskalah

Goren Shlomo

Eretz Israel's fourth chief rabbi, was born in Poland.

Gutman Nachum

Artist, Author, and Illustrator

Hammer Zevulun

Israeli politician, minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

Hankin Yehoshua

early pioneer

Haza Ofra


Hefer Chaim

Poet and Song Writer

Herzl Theodor

Viennese Journalist and Founder of Modern Political Zionism.

Herzog Chaim

Israel's sixth President

Herzog Yitzhak Ha Levi

Second Chief Rabbi of Palestine

Hess Moses

father of Zionist Socialism

Hissin Chaim

Physician and Bilu Pioneer

Hitman Uzi


Itzik Dalia

Knesset Speaker

Jabotinsky Ze'ev (Vladimir)

Revisionist Zionist leader, author, poet

Kalischer Zevi Hirsch

Polish rabbi and Zionist thinker.

Karelitz Avraham Yeshayahu

The "Hazon Ish"

Katsav Moshe

Eighth President of the State of Israel 2000-2007

Katzir Aharon

Israeli chemist

Katzir Ephraim

Israeli scientist and fourth President

Katznelson Berl

Berl was a leader of the Zionist labor movement and a central figure of the Second Aliyah.

Kishon Ephraim

Author, satirist, playwright, film director

Kollek Teddy

Mayor of Jerusalem - 6 terms of office: 1965-1993

Kook Avraham Yitzhak

First Ashkenazi chief rabbi of modern Erez Israel

Laskov Haim

Israel's fifth chief of staff


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