1. Pupils should be familiar with the story of the Ten Plagues, preparations for departure, the departure, the splitting of the Red Sea.
  2. Pupils should be familiar with the mitsvot connected with the Exodus and understand the connection, for example that the Sabbath is 'a remembrance of the Exodus from Egypt'.
  3. The purpose of the Exodus was:
    1. to liberate Israel from slavery;
    2. to give the people of Israel the Torah;
    3. to take the people of Israel into Erets Israel.
  4. In every generation one is to see himself as having personally left Egypt.
    1. If we had not left Egypt, we, our children and grandchildren would still be there.
    2. The main purpose of leaving Egypt was to receive the Torah. Keeping this is an obligation on every generation.
  5. The Exodus demonstrated to the whole world that God not only created the world but also rules it and supervises all his creatures.
  6. The people of Israel were prepared to leave Egypt (those who did not want to leave died in the plague of darkness) in haste and without delaying. I remember the kindness of your youth, your love as a bride, your following me in desert in an uncultivated land (Jeremiah 2:2).




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