In March 1969, still humiliated by the 1967 defeat, Egypt launched a War of Attition against Israeli forces in the Sinai with intense artillery fire against Israel’s ‘Bar-Lev Line’ on the east bank of the Suez Canal. After heightened losses in May, June and July 1969, Israel responded with air raids into Egypt. Nasser, in response, appealed to the Soviet Union for aid and on March 19, 1970 Soviet missile batteries were installed in Egypt near the Canal. Not only did Moscow supply weapon systems, but they also operated some of them and took a direct part in fighting Israel. Intense US pressure led to a cease-fire on August 7, 1970 (Roggers Plan B) with plans to put into effect a US plan for peace in the region (Rogers Plan A) based on land for peace. However, the cease fire, which called for a freeze on the situation in the Canal (no movement of either troops or military equipment) was breached by Egypt’s movement forward of forces on the same day it came into effect.Israel responded by suspending her participation in negotiations until the situation, which had pprevailed on the eve of the signing of the ceasefire agreement, was restored. The peace plan was never implemented



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