The Northern Samaria Settlements

Homesh and Sanur, near Jenin and just below the Gilboa region, having been founded in the third-fourth round of settlements;The Northern Samaria settlements are in two blocs of paired settlements:

  • and Ganim and Kadim, in the central Samarian Hills, being founded well into the fourth series of settlements.

To all intents and purposes, they are small villages, with a few dozen households. Their population remains small and stable, indicating that people have left, while new families have joined. The only one of the settlements to significantly increase its population since its establishment has been Sanur, which was originally designated to house 80 residents, and entered a second phase of settlement (~2003-2004), although it is still significantly smaller than the other three.

Year FoundedNameFounder Population2004Description1983Ganim149139-147
30 families Non-religious families Secular, artistic, Chabad

30 families Mixed


- The Foundation for Middle East Peace, from the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, and seen on
- Chanan Morrison on

More information on the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Site



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