During 2018, 30,124 people made Aliyah, 2% more than during 2017. Not including Ethiopian immigrants, 30,087 Olim arrived, as compared to 28,192 in 2017, an increase of 7%.


During 2018, 19,305 Olim arrived from the FSU, 64% of the total number of Olim and 16% more than this period last year.

•The majority arrived from Russia – 10,673 Olim arrived from Russia, 46% more than last year. 

•6,561 Olim arrived from Ukraine, 9% less than last year.  

•969 arrived from Belarus, 1% less than 2017 


Western Europe

During 2018, 3,967 Olim arrived from Western Europe, 20% less than last year. 

•2,723 arrived from France, a decrease of 23% from last year.  

•From Great Britain 523 Olim arrived, 5% less as compared to last year.

•185 Olim arrived from Germany, 121 from Belgium, 91 from Switzerland and 86 from Italy. 


Eastern Europe

•During 2018, 146 Olim arrived from Eastern Europe, 5% less than last year.

•43 of these Olim, were from Hungary. 


North America, Oceania and South Africa

During 2018, 3,399 Olim came from North America, 6% less than in this period last year.

•3,052 Olim were from the United States (5% less than last year) and 347 from Canada (a decrease of 15% from 2017)

•332 Olim arrived from South Africa, 1% less than last year.

•173 Olim arrived from Oceania, as opposed to 230 last year, a decrease of 25%.


Latin America

1,644 Olim arrived from Latin America, an increase of 5% over last year.

•340 Olim came from Argentina, as opposed to 286 last year an increase of 19%

•From Brazil there were 673 Olim, as opposed to 693 last year, a decrease of 3%.

•174 Olim arrived from Venezuela as opposed to 152 last year, an increase of 14%

•110 Olim arrived from Mexico, 24% more than the previous year


Turkey and the Middle East

357 Olim arrived from this area during 2018, as compared to 522 during 2017 (a decrease of 32%)

•203 Olim came from Turkey, as opposed to 401 last year, a decrease of 49%.

•154 Olim from the Middle East arrived during this period, as opposed to 121 last year, an increase of 27%.

This analysis relates to Olim, those who have changed their status in Israel and others who have made Aliyah through the Jewish Agency.

*  Please note that these statistics have been updated for 2017 and that the 2018 statistics might still be updated during the first half of 2019.




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14 Mar 2019 / 7 Adar II 5779 0