Rising Trend in Number of New Immigrants to Israel Continues

September 6, 2010 / 27 Elul 5770

An increase in 18% in the number of olim from the FSU (Former Soviet Union)

Around 17,880 immigrants arrived in 5770, up from 15,180 last year

Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky:  “Aliyah is a strategic asset for Israel.  The rise in aliyah is even more impressive because of the deligitimization campaign against Israel happening around the world.”

According to Jewish Agency statistics, 17,880 new immigrants came to Israel in the Jewish year 5770, up from 15,180 in the year of 5769.  This is a rise of 18%.  Many of the new immigrants were given the “red carpet” treatment – a new program of the Jewish Agency intended to ease the new immigrants’ integration by proving a basket of immediate services upon their arrival.

Around 16,560 immigrants arrived in 5770 from English-speaking countries, the FSU, Europe and Latin America.  This is 10% higher from the 15,000 who came in 5769.  Another 1,320 new immigrants arrived from Ethiopia, the pace of their aliyah determined by the government.  Last year, there were 180 new immigrants from Ethiopia.

Around 7,430 new immigrants, making up 40% of the total aliyah this year, came from the FSU (Former Soviet Union) and eastern Europe.  This is a rise of 16% from last year when there were 6,340 new immigrants from this area.  Most of them are from Russia, Belarus and the Baltic states (3,930 as opposed to 3,300 last year) and another 1,880 came from the Ukraine and Moldova (up from 1590 last year).  Around 530 new immigrants arrived from the southern Caucasus area and another 610 from central  Asia.  260 new immigrants came from eastern Europe as opposed to 165 last year.
As to English-speaking countries, there were 5,130 new immigrants during the year 5770 as opposed to 5,030 last year.  From USA -- 3,350, up from 3,120; Canada – 380, as opposed to 460 last year;  United Kingdom – 740, as opposed to 790 last year;  South Africa – 260, as opposed to 350 last year; Holland -- 65, as opposed to 45 last year; Scandinavia -- 50 new immigrants as opposed to 30 last year.  From the Oceania area, which includes Australia and New Zealand, there were 220 new immigrants as opposed to 175 last year.  This is the highest number of new immigrants from Oceania since the beginning of the ‘80’s.

An increase in the number of new immigrants from Western Europe is clearly seen:  a total of 2,420  as opposed to 2,090 last year.  From France -- 2,020, as opposed to 1,780;  Belgium – 190, as opposed to 130 last year; Italy – 100, with 80 last year; Switzerland – 110, also with 80 last year.

There is also an increase in the numbers from Latin America and Spanish speaking countries:  1,360 as opposed to 1,230 last year;  330 from Argentina (300 last year); 240 from Brazil (280 last year); 160 from Mexico (140 last year); 140 from Peru (120 last year); 120 from Venezuela (40 last year); 90 from Uruguay, similar to last year.

This past year also saw new immigrants arrive in Israel from such exotic places as Thailand, Hong Kong, New Caledonia, Japan, Tunisia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Angola and Uganda.

Relating to these statistics, Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky said:  “Aliyah is a strategic asset for Israel.  “It is the most significant way that Diaspora Jewry interacts with Israeli society.  Every new immigrant is a bridge between his/her community in the Diaspora and their new/old country Israel.  The rise in aliyah is even more impressive because of the deligitimization campaign against Israel going on today around the world.” 

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