Jewish Agency's Global Leaders Forum Meets in Jerusalem

October 27, 2009 / 9 Cheshvan 5770

Jewish Agency’s Global Leaders Forum discuss Jewish Agency’s future with Natan Sharansky, Board of Governors

Forum includes 25 accomplished leaders from North America, Europe and Israel

The Jewish Agency for Israel has recruited a group of 25 emerging Jewish leaders from around the world, who are participating this week in the Board of Governors meetings in Jerusalem, with the aim of forming a strong and effective cadre of leaders who will help shape future direction of the organization.

The participants, ages 30-50, come from Holland, Zurich, China, South Africa, Israel and within North America -- from San Francisco, Toronto, Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Stamford, Atlanta and Washington DC. All have held key leadership roles in their communities, and have strong record of Israel engagement or social activism within Israel.

“The goal of the Global Leaders Forum is to develop and train a core group of emerging leaders who will give our lay leadership fresh perspective,” said Carole Solomon, past JAFI Board of Governors Chair and current Chair of JAFI’s North American Council, who is co-chairing Forum.

Forum participants met with leading Israeli business and philanthropic leaders, went on site visits, greeted a plane of olim arriving from Ethiopia and met with Jewish Agency senior staff and board members. The group also met with Jewish Agency Chairman of the Executive Natan Sharansky and Chairman of the Board Richie Pearlstone for an in-depth discussion about JAFI’s strategic planning for the future.

“If we want the Jewish Agency to be in the hearts and minds of Jews in twenty years from now, we have to start passing the torch,” said Iris Feinberg JAFI Emerging leaders Chair, who has led the effort to bring together the Forum. “As the leading global forum for the Jewish people, we need to reach out for new ideas as the challenges facing the Jewish People change – and focusing on next generation leadership is the most important part of that outreach for new ideas.”

Jewish Agency Global Leaders Forum at work laying the ground for a vegetable garden at Kiryat Yearim Youth Village outside Jerusalem, home to some 150 at-risk youth, on Tuesday (Oct. 27).
Credit: Shimi Nachtailer/Jewish Agency for Israel

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