Government Offices

New arrivals typically come into contact with a number of Government offices - here's how to find the main ones.

Ministry of Interior (Misrad HaPnim)

For:          Israeli ID card (Teudat Zehut)

                Travel Document (Teudat Ma'avar) and Passport (Darkon)

                Changes of family status (marriage, divorce, births, deaths)

                Change of address


Telephone Hotline: *3450

Website languages: Hebrew, Arabic

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Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption (Misrad Ha'aliyah veHaklitah– aka Misrad HaKlita)

For:          Olim benefits booklet (Teudat Oleh / Teudat Zakaut)

                Registering for Hebrew classes (Ulpan)

                Registering bank account for Sal Klita payments

                Registering for medical insurance (statuses other than Olim)


Telephone hotline: 03-973-3333

Website languages: Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Russian

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National Insurance Institute (HaMosad LeBituach Leumi)

For:          Child allowance

                Insurance contributions

                Unemployment or other benefits

                Pension allowances


Telephone hotline: *6050

Website languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic, Amharic, Spanish, French


IDF draft office (Lishkat Hagiyus)

For:          Army draft procedures

                Ishur Hityatzvut (Returning Minor / Katin Chozer status)


Telephone hotline: 03-738-8888

Website languages: Hebrew


Ministry of Transport Licensing offices (Misrad Harishui)

For:          Obtaining or updating an Israeli driver's license


Telephone hotline: *5678

Website languages: Hebrew