Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Useful Administrative Terms


  • Bituach Leumi                                    The National Insurance - responsible for welfare payments, pensions, child benefit, unemployment
  • Kupat Cholim                                     Health Insurance fund
  • Misrad Ha'Aliyah veHaKlita                Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption – responsible for most Aliyah benefits 
  • Misrad HaPnim                                   Interior Ministry - responsible for issuing Teudat Zehut,Teudat Ma’avar, Passports, changing addresses etc
  • Teudat Ma’avar                                   Temporary passport
  • Teudat Oleh                                       Oleh benefits booklet
  • Teudat Zehut                                      Identity card
  • Sal Klita                                              Financial assistance paid in the 6 months following Aliyah
  • Ulpan                                                 Hebrew classes
  • Teudat Zakauat                                  Benefits booklet for Ezrach Oleh or Katin Chozer - equivalent to Teudat Oleh