1. Solving the Problem of Conversion

Over the past decade, some one million immigrants from the Former Soviet Union have made a new home in Israel. The number includes some 250,000 Olim who are not halachically Jews. These immigrants, eligible for Aliyah by the Law of Return, willingly chose to make aliyah, and for the most part want to be a part of the Jewish people. This population lives an Israeli lifestyle, identifies itself as an integral part of the Jewish society in Israel and would be interested in conversion. The Committee received reports concerning difficulties faced by Olim who wish to pursue Halachic conversion.

Therefore, it is resolved that:

1.The Jewish Agency calls upon the State of Israel to deal immediately with the  abovementioned difficulties. In addition, the Jewish Agency resolves:

A.To raise the issue for discussion at the Coordinating Committee between the  Government and the Jewish Agency.
B.To send a special delegation to the Prime Minister.

2.The Jewish Agency will establish a committee, chaired by Prof. Yaacov Ne'eman and representative of the diversity of the Jewish Agency. The committee will report to  the Executive on an ongoing basis and will receive direction from the Executive on further  steps, if needed. The committee will report to the Unity of the Jewish People Committee  at its next meeting.




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17 Feb 2005 / 8 Adar 5765 0