2. Resolution concerning a multi-year undertaking toward HII Ltd. to operate the WUJS Institute

Whereas          The WUJS institute has worked for years with olim, temporary residents and tourists on aliyah issues, programs and educational enterprises principally aimed at teaching Hebrew, preparing for working in Israel, preparations ahead of aliyah, seminars, professional training and social endeavors; and


Whereas          Each year, the Jewish Agency – in the framework of the Aliyah & Klita Department's budget – grants monetary support for the WUJS Institute and moreover places at its disposal a number of rooms in the Arad Absorption Center in order to run the WUJS program; and


Whereas          The WUJS amuta (non-profit) intends to transfer the operation of the institute to HII Ltd., a subsidiary of Hadassah (HII),  contingent on the Jewish Agency's continuing its support through transferring funds to HII for the activities; and


Whereas          The Jewish Agency, appreciating Hadassah's dedication to this important program, intends to sign an agreement with HII and WUJS, in order to arrange the Jewish Agency's continued support for the activities of WUJS; and


Whereas          The proposed agreement requires the Jewish Agency to approve a multi-year budget for the years 2006-2008; and


Whereas          The Jewish Agency will continue providing this monetary support in the framework of the core budget of the Aliyah & Klita Department.


Now therefore it is resolved as follows:


1.       To approve a multi-year budget for the Jewish Agency's participation in the program currently offered by WUJS Institute, subject to the signing of an agreement with HII and the WUJS amuta, and this for a period of the years 2006-2008.


2.       In the 2006 fiscal year, the Jewish Agency will transfer to HII the amount of $250,000.


3.       That amount will be reduced, commencing in the 2007 fiscal year until the 2008 fiscal year, in the amount of $83,333 per year.


4.       JAFI financial support to the WUJS program will conclude at the end of the 2008 fiscal year.


5.       The Finance Department is authorized to assume multi-year financial undertakings to execute the undertakings of the Jewish Agency pursuant to the agreement with HII, on condition that the overall amount of the multi-year undertakings that will be transferred for the following financial year does not exceed 15% of the total expenses budget approved for the current financial year.





Operations of the WUJS Institute


The WUJS Institute in Arad is an international program in Israel, which offers Hebrew and Jewish studies for college graduates and young professionals. Since its founding in 1968, the Institute has enriched thousands of Jewish students from around the world with a deeper connection to Israel and the Jewish people.


The half-year program offers intensive Hebrew language instruction at beginners through advanced levels, and courses with an outstanding faculty in Israeli politics and society, Jewish history and religious studies.


The holistic approach to education emphasizes hands-on activities including weekly field trips, overnight hikes, meetings with Israeli peers and volunteer options that allow students to experience the county in the most creative and exciting manner possible.


WUJS is situated in the scenic town of Arad in the northern Negev, two hours from the center of Israel and 20 minutes from the
Dead Sea resorts. Its participants are actively involved in the life of Arad and the surrounding
Negev community through volunteer options, local host-families and special community-wide events.


The WUJS Institute offers specialty tracks for artists, peace and social justice, and halachic conversion.







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