3. Conversion/Israeli Citizenship for Kedma Graduates

Whereas Aliyah is the highest aim of the Jewish Agency and


Whereas the Jewish Agency for Israel undertook the rescue of the Falash Mura


Whereas conversion was made a condition of their citizenship, and


Whereas of Ethiopian olim desire halachic conversion and


Whereas Kedma was established as a program to enable Ethiopian youth to reach a necessary level of education in order to enter an institute of higher education, thereby enhancing their successful absorption into Israeli society and


Whereas the Kedma students find themselves isolated from their families, who are being converted halachically, by the refusal of the rabbinic courts to grant them conversion and


Whereas it is within the power of the Government of Israel to grant them citizenship


Therefore, let it be resolved that the Aliyah and Klitah Committee calls on the Jewish Agency Executive to work forcefully with the appropriate rabbinic authority to encourage and facilitate the prompt halachic conversion of these Kedma students, or failing that,


We call on the Jewish Agency Executive to request the Government of Israel to grant citizenship to these young Kedma graduates






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10 Jul 2007 / 24 Tamuz 5767 0