1. Amendment to the By-Laws Regarding the Conflict of Interest Policy


1.       In October 2006 the JAFI Board of Governors adopted a Conflict of Interest Policy as a  By-Law of JAFI; and


2.       It is deemed appropriate to amend the policy so as to require annual disclosure statements, establish additional reporting standards and penalties for noncompliance and to expand the policy to JAFI senior staff;


Therefore, be it resolved:


To amend Article X of the By-Laws "Conflict of Interest"* as follows:


1.       At the end of Section A 1, to replace the period with a semi-colon and to add the following:  "(iv)  senior employees."


2.       To amend the definition of the term "Member" appearing in Section A. 2 (a) so that it reads: ""Member" – any of the members or senior employees referred to in Section 1."


3.       To add a new definition after Section A 2 (f)as follows:
" (g) "Senior Employees" – an employee of JAFI who is a senior staff member as that term is defined in Article V. A. 2 above and any senior appointments immediately under the Chairman of the Executive, the Treasurer, the JAFI Director General, the JAFI Deputy Director General or the Director General of a JAFI Department." 


4.       To add at the end of Section C 1 the words:

"All Members shall submit, within 60 days of appointment, an initial written disclosure statement to the Secretary General who shall subsequently submit them to the Chairman of the Board of Governors and the Chairman of the Executive.Thereafter, all Members shall submit annual disclosure statements to the Secretary General, who shall submit them as stated above, attesting that: the Member agrees to comply with the Conflict of Interest Policy as outlined in this By-Law; and except as specifically described in the disclosure statement, neither the Member nor, to the best of the Member's knowledge, any member of the Member's immediate family, has during the past 12 months been engaged in, or anticipates at any time in the future, being engaged in, any actual, possible or potential conflict of interest.
The wording of such disclosure statement is attached hereto as Appendix A."


5.       To add a new Section D as follows:

"Penalty for Noncompliance
1. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section C 6. above, should a Member fail to comply with this By-Law, including but not limited to failing to timely submit written disclosure statements, the Secretary General is authorized to timely deliver a request to the constituent organization which designated that Member, not to submit the name of such Member for  re-election to the Board of Governors or the Executive, as the case may be.


6.  To add a new Section E as follows:

1.  The Secretary General shall be responsible for collecting and reviewing the initial and annual disclosure statements referred to in Section C 1. above. The Secretary General shall submit at least annually, to: (i) the Chairman of the Board of Governors; (ii) the Chairman of the Executive; (iii) the Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee; (iv) the Treasurer; (v) the JAFI Director General; and (vi) the Controller, a written report listing the conflicts of interest disclosed in such statements and the actions, if any, taken by JAFI in response thereto.


Appendix A – Conflict of Interest Annual Disclosure Statement

Capitalized terms used in this Disclosure Statement have the meaning(s) set forth in Article X of the By-Laws of the Jewish Agency.

I the undersigned, _______________________, certify that:

1.  I understand and agree to comply with the By-Laws of the Agency regarding Conflict of Interest.


2.       Neither I nor, to the best of my knowledge, any of my Immediate Family has, during the past 12 months, been involved in, or anticipate at any time in the future becoming involved in, any activity or circumstance that constitutes a Conflict of Interest, except as specifically described below:

Fully describe any Conflict of Interest involving you or your Immediate Family member(s). Attach additional pages, if necessary. If "none", so state.

Fully describe any facts or circumstances that you wish reviewed in order to determine whether or not such facts or circumstances constitute a Conflict of Interest according to Article X of the By-Laws. Attach additional pages, if necessary. If "none", so state.


3.       The name and address of my principal business or occupation is:

Type of business or occupation:

4.       In the last five years I have not been convicted of a crime.


Signature: _________________________


Name:      _________________________







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