4. Resolution of the Unity of the Jewish People Committee

Whereas the Unity of the Jewish People Committee, which convened today (June 24, 2008) in the framework of the meetings of the Jewish Agency Board of Governors, heard reports regarding the serious developments in recent months regarding the conversion issue in Israel and discussed the difficult implications that might result from the discontinuation of the work of Rabbi Haim Druckman as Head of the Conversion Administration; from the High Rabbinical Court ruling to immediately annul all conversions done by Rabbi Druckman and the failure to implement the recommendations of the "Halfon Committee";  

And whereas the Prime Minister declared the change in relationship of the State of Israel and the Jewish communities through the Jewish Agency in matters critical to both Israel and the Jewish people;


Therefore, it is hereby resolved:


The Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency calls upon the Government of Israel to act immediately to advance the conversion issue for the hundreds of thousands eligible for aliyah who made aliyah to the State of Israel, and demands:

1.       To immediately reappoint Rabbi Haim Druckman to his position as Head of the Conversion Administration and to make all necessary means available to him in order to perform this important national mission.

2.       To immediately implement the recommendations of the "Halfon Committee" and principally to appoint at the first stage at least 50 volunteer rabbis, who will be approved by Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, and who will begin their work without delay within the framework of the special courts for conversion.

3.       To immediately present a proposed law to the Knesset stating that a conversion certificate that has been approved by the Head of the Conversion Administration in the Office of the Prime Minister, is binding and recognized by all state authorities, including the Rabbinical courts.






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29 Jun 2008 / 26 Sivan 5768 0