5. Sde Nitzan, Talmei Eliyahu and Lone Settlers

- addition to resolution from June 2008  on Debt Forgiveness for Settlements Surrounding Gaza


a)   In June 2008, the Jewish Agency's Board of Governors passed a resolution on debt forgiveness in 10 villages located up to 7 kilometers from the Gaza Strip border (resolution attached);

b)   And the Minister of Finance, with the approval of the Knesset Finance Committee, decided that the villages of Sde Nitzan and Talmei Eliyahu, which are Jewish Agency villages, would be included in the framework of the "Law for Assistance to Sderot and Communities of the Western Negev";

c)   These villages and settlers have direct debts to the Jewish Agency totaling 2.3 million shekels at February 2009 values, for repayment over the coming years.


Therefore be it resolved:


1.  The resolution of the Board of Governors from June 2008 shall apply to the communities of Sde Nitzan and Talmei Eliyahu and the individual settlers included in the "Law for Assistance to Sderot and Communities of the
Western Negev" who have debts to the Jewish Agency.


2.  This resolution shall become valid from the time of its approval.




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21 Jul 2009 / 29 Tamuz 5769 0