4. Solidarity with Dr. Yoram Blachar, President of World Medical Association

Sponsored by Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America

Whereas a fringe group of 700 physicians belonging to the World Medical Association (WMA) have recently called for Israeli WMA President Yoram Blachar’s resignation, alleging that Dr. Blachar has ignored totally unfounded charges that Israeli physicians participated in the torture of Palestinians;

Whereas Israeli physicians uphold the highest standards of medical practice and ethics and Israeli hospitals unfailingly offer equal care to all patients regardless of race, religion or political belief;

Whereas the call for Dr. Blachar’s resignation and baseless allegations by the 700 physicians affiliated with the WMA represent yet another attempt to politicize the medical advocacy organization;

Whereas science and medicine should transcend any political or geographic borders;

Be it resolved that the Jewish Agency stands in solidarity with Dr. Blachar, the Israel Medical Association and the WMA as it denies and refutes these slanderous claims and continues its mission to promote valuable medical collaboration and the highest ethical standards.




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21 Jul 2009 / 29 Tamuz 5769 0