WHEREAS the Agreement for the Reconstitution of the Jewish Agency sets out in Section II E. 5 that the Board of Governors may appoint up to 6 Associate Members of the Executive; and

WHEREAS the Board of Governors resolved in its session in October 2000 to appoint Associate Members of the Executive who, in accordance with that Resolution, would continue to serve as such while occupying the posts mentioned next to their names, unless their term of office be terminated by a subsequent resolution of the Board; and

THEREFORE BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED To appoint, as of the date of this Resolution, Dr. Misha Galperin as an Associate Member of the Executive, in his ex officio capacity as the incoming President and CEO of the Fund for the Jewish Agency.  His term of office will continue whilst he occupy the position mentioned above, unless terminated by a subsequent resolution of the Board.





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15 Jul 2010 / 4 Av 5770 0