3. Multi-Year Funding: NetanyaYoungAdultsCenter

The Jewish Agency for Israel


The Board of Governors


October 2010            Heshvan 5771


Resolution: Multi-Year Funding: Netanya Young Adults Center


Whereas:         one of the main objectives of the Jewish Agency for
is the absorption of young olim from all over the world; and


Whereas:         the Municipality of Netanya is interested in the absorption of young olim in its area and is willing to allocate funds and to participate in the operation of a young adults center in town; and


Whereas:         the young adults center program in Netanya is a unique program that will enable the populating of olim in an urban environment, while providing a social and cultural framework, assistance in finding employment and guiding and consulting for future plans; and


Whereas:        the Aliyah and Absorption Department recommends that JAFI sign a multi-year commitment until the end of 2013 in order to establish a young adults center in Netanya, in cooperation with the Municipality of Netanya; and


Whereas:         JAFI wishes to sign such a multi-year commitment;


Therefore be it resolved that:


1.                   A multi-year budget of US$250,000, per annum, for each of the years 2011-2013, is hereby approved for JAFI's participation in the budget of a young adults center program in Netanya.


2.                   The Finance Department is authorized to formalize a cooperation agreement with the municipality of Netanya and to incur, on a multi-year basis, financial obligations for the implementation of JAFI’s undertakings as set forth above, in accordance with the abovementioned agreement to be signed with the Municipality of Netanya.



In conjunction with the Netanya Municipality, JAFI will set up a campus for young adults aged 19-35. The participants will be young adults with at least full high school education and either singles or married couples without children.

The participants (150 in each session) will live in living quarters chosen jointly by JAFI and the Netanya Municipality. The educational program will continue for 5 months (2 sessions each year) and will include Hebrew studies 5 days a week, Jewish heritage and cultural activities and seminars to prepare the participants for the Israeli job market, military service, higher educational studies, etc.

The costs of the program will be borne equally by JAFI and the Netanya Municipality. The commitment is for 3 years of operation.





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24 Nov 2010 / 17 Kislev 5771 0