5. The Rural Debt Collection Campaign – Extending the Operation of the Exceptions Committee


A.      In November 2005 The Board of Governors approved a three-year-long "Capitalization Campaign Program" for collection of settlers' debts to JAFI (herein: "the Campaign"). This resolution was subsequently amended in October 2007;


B.      The above Board of Governors resolution stipulated that the discount in the interest charges for debts in arrears (70%) to settlements and settlers within the Campaign, is conditional on their joining the Campaign during the first year of implementation of the Campaign, i.e. until August 2007;


C.      In June 2008 the Assets and Liabilities Committee and thereafter the Board of Governors approved the establishment by the Director General of the Finance Department of an Exceptions Committee. This Committee was authorized to approve settlers or settlements joining the Campaign and their eligibility to receive the discount on interest charges for debts in arrears (70%) and for the capitalization on remaining payments.


D.      The Exceptions Committee was authorized to take into account public and general considerations and to operate until November 2009.


E.       Following an observation by the Jewish Agency Comptroller in his report from November 2010 on Idud, JAFI's subsidiary,  that the Exceptions Committee was continuing to operate beyond November 2009, it is necessary to extend the period of operation of the Exception Committee.


F.       In addition, it is the opinion of the Jewish Agency Legal Department that settlers who did not join the campaign because they were not contacted or because they were unable to do so for some other reasons should be eligible to the above mentioned discount, upon decision of the Exceptions Committee.


Therefore be it resolved:


To extend the period of operation of the Exceptions Committee, for three years, until February 2014.




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10 Mar 2011 / 4 Adar II 5771 0