1. Resolution re Closing the Departments and Amending the By-Laws

Whereas the Jewish Agency Board of Governors approved on June 23, 2010 new strategic directions for the Jewish Agency that focus on  strengthening the Jewish identity of the younger generation as the central vehicle through which we can impact the Jewish future and address some of the major challenges currently facing the Jewish world; and


Whereas the Board of Governors approved on October 25, 2010 the Operationalizing the Strategy plan that details the operational guidelines which constitute the first stage in realizing these directions; and


Whereas one of the next steps in operationalizing the strategy is a high-level and mid-level design; and


Whereas on October 25, 2010, the Jewish Agency Executive approved in principle to move forward with implementing the proposed organizational structure and authorized the professional team to act in order to update the organizational structure and to bring the changes to the Board in February 2011; and


Whereas the new organizational structure should execute the strategic plan in the most optimal manner and promote one, single organization, united, with a lot of synergy and flat design, that maintain the character of a global Jewish table;


Therefore, it is hereby resolved


1.      To close the current Departments in the Jewish Agency and to transfer their areas of responsibility to the following operational units: Programs; Finance; HR & Administration; Strategy & Planning; Global Operations & Aliyah Services; Customer Relations; and FSU; and, under the ongoing supervision and management of the Programs operational Unit, to the following program units: Israel Experiences & Aliyah Tracks; Local Educators; Shlichim & Israel Fellows; Young Activism in Israel; and Partnerships. The future closing of an operational or a program unit or the establishment of a new one or the merging of units or program units will be decided upon by the Executive. 


2.      To amend the Jewish Agency By-Laws according to the attached version.





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10 Mar 2011 / 4 Adar II 5771 0